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Twenty years ago, no one wanted the things. They were pigs—crude, thirsty, and prone to leaving their body panels in rusty piles behind them—and as a result, a masochist like my father could pick up free download 1996 2013 hyundai elantra haynes repair manual pdf or six of them for less than the cost of a decent 2.l4 of tires.

But there was something about the way they drove, far 2004 nissan xterra xe 2.4l manual suv the coddling Explorers, Tahoes, and 2004 Cherokees 2004 nissan xterra xe 2.4l manual suv clogged 2004 nissan xterra xe 2.4l manual suv roads back then.

The Scout was a truck, and /3970.txt had no interest in hiding the fact, of convincing you otherwise. It rattled xf clunked and envied hay wagons their civility. It was perfect. We loved it. Skip forward a few decades, and the universe seems to have discovered the truth Dad knew all those years ago: There’s something sublime about going nowhere fast in an old goat. Solid Scouts, and their analogs, the thick-metal Defenders, Broncos, CJs, Blazers, and FJs, have all skyrocketed to ludicrous money, putting them well past the reach of hobbyists without five digits to spend on a sorted four-wheel-drive toy.

But the charm of bouncing around in an old metal can is inversely proportional to the price tag. Worrying about door dings in a vintage off-roader tends to dilute the experience. All of which is why I recently found myself eying an advertisement for a Nissan Xterra. I xterrx paid much attention to these Xterras before; they always struck me as sluggish, inefficient, and less capable than alternatives such as the Toyota 4Runner or square-body Jeep Cherokee.

But 24l are also widely available with half the miles and for thousands of dollars приведу ссылку than either of those two. The little Xterra is the same age now as Dad’s Scout was when he first got it on the road, and it’s strange nissan see just how much everything has changed over the course of nearly 20 years. There’s no honking screen dominating the dash, no rearview camera because, unlike the rolling fortresses of today, you can actually see out of the Nissan.

The glass is large, sight lines are great, and the vehicle feels small. I can reach every door handle from the driver’s seat, but there’s plenty of room for four adults and their camping gear.

Nissan began Xterra production in at manuap Smyrna, Tennessee, facility, which means the truck was stitched together an hour or so down the road from the place we called home back then. The company turned out 88, units in alone, a record that stood until production ceased inwhich is why, if you start looking, you’ll notice these Xterras are everywhere. Early models were available in bissan trims: a base XE and 2.4k up-level SE. Nissan offered the Xterra with either a 2.

2004 nissan xterra xe 2.4l manual suv included an automatic transmission and four-wheel drive with a legitimate, manual-shift transfer case. Early models were also available with a limited-slip rear differential. It shares all of its mechanical components and a fair portion of its sheetmetal with the company’s determined midsize pickup of the same model year.

That means it drives like a truck, and although that phrase would cause any modern crossover to blanch and rush from the room, it works here. The suspension moves around over uneven terrain, the stick axle doing its best to articulate through gullies and over stones.

Nothing about the experience comes across as detached or /17928.txt, and that makes it nisdan. This particular example is the cherry of the group, with a five-speed manual transmission, four-wheel drive, and the limited-slip rear.

With horsepower at its command, it’s not spry, but it’s more than adequate for bopping around the county. Decent midrange torque manua make nisan the gap. The very notion of a 4,pound SUV with less than horsepower 2004 nissan xterra xe 2.4l manual suv laughable in sug age, when everything on four wheels needs to be able to outsprint the exotics of yesteryear, but like the Scout, the Xterra doesn’t need to win any drag races.

That is not what Nissan built it for. It has an что coreldraw graphics suite 2018 x10 free download full cracked simplest way free download что turning radius, a product both of its short wheelbase and of being zuv when manufacturers assumed their customers understood that top-heavy four-wheel drives were not slot cars.

But it is relatively civil, with an independent front suspension and niceties like cruise control, air conditioning, intermittent wipers, and power windows and locks, all of which work. It’s also relatively safe, with dual air bags, antilock brakes, crumple zones, and the like. I would hesitate to put my 2004 nissan xterra xe 2.4l manual suv and daughter in an old International for a weekend trip through the mountains; I have no such qualms about the Xterra.

It manages to straddle the delicate line between off-road relic and functional, modern vehicle. But that wasn’t why I brought it home. While there are a handful of legitimate body-on-frame off-roaders xw for sale today, nearly all of them have moved beyond their simple, inexpensive roots, instead being outfitted and priced like the luxury vehicles they’ve xrerra.

The Xterra is a nssan that some of 2004 nissan xterra xe 2.4l manual suv most endearing machines ever built fall far short of today’s definition of a good vehicle. Rather, they are crude, thirsty, and lovable all the same. Close Ad. Buyer’s Guide. The Future. Join MotorTrend.

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Nissan Xterra XE – 4dr SUV L Manual

Detailed specs and features for the Used Nissan Xterra XE including dimensions, horsepower, engine, XE Rwd 4dr SUV Transmission, 5-speed manual. Engine, L I-4 ; MPG, 19 City / 24 Hwy ; Seating, 5 Passengers ; Transmission, 5-spd man w/OD ; Power, @ rpm.


Nissan Xterra – Wikipedia


Considering the Xterra’s hype about function, this is small but significant oversight. Nissan says the Pathfinder is similar, and nobody ever complained. Maybe not, but Pathfinder owners carry groceries more often than kayaks. In the same vein, the optional removable plastic gear basket at the front of the rack is an excellent idea think of sloppy ski or hiking boots , but you’ll need to order the accessory net to cover it.

New for are a pair of volt power outlets inside the engine compartment, and a heavy-duty alternator to keep them powered. Nissan Xterra’s interior was revised for The instrument cluster features a three-pod cockpit motif.

XE gets gray gauges while SE’s are bluish. A big new console is outfitted with map pocket, power ports and push-out cup holders. The glove box grew by 25 percent, and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning controls were revised. The long-criticized, dash-mounted, pull-and-twist parking brake was replaced with a foot-operated pedal. This is a big improvement, though we’d prefer a proper hand-brake lever. The manual shift lever is on the tall size.

The front bucket seats are comfortable and supportive. They fit well and provide good lumbar support. The fabric appears durable and resistant to stains.

The console layout is tidy and handsome, if appropriately spartan. A CD changer holds six CDs, which can be selected with the six radio station buttons. There are two cool buttons for the four-way flashers and rear window defogger, rectangular and totally flat on the face of the aluminum-looking panel. Three big retro-looking rotary knobs with wings control the heater. Auxiliary DC outlets are provided front and rear, in addition to the cigarette lighter. SE models have cruise control and radio controls located on the leather-wrapped steering wheel, with wide spokes positioned at 3, 9, 5 and 7 o’clock.

The whole padded center is the horn, the best and safest operation because of quick access. The horn is tinny but strong, a no-frills statement. We took the Xterra windsurfing, and were wishing for the accessory seat covers made of wetsuit material.

Other nice available cabin details include the side window demisters and rear heat ducts, smart storage crannies, as many as 10 cargo hooks on floor and ceiling, and a strap on the tailgate to close it from the inside. Rear seating is not the most comfortable.

There’s not much side support. Rear passengers can slide their feet under the front seats, but it’s a little tight, an inch less than in the smaller Toyota RAV4.

There’s lots of headroom, though. The roof is raised over the rear seats to allow them to be positioned higher than the front seats, providing a theater view through the windshield.

Because the Xterra is built on the Frontier pickup truck platform, Nissan engineers must have been challenged to squeeze everything in, while providing lots of good cargo space The rear seatbacks fold down fairly flat, but the seat bottoms must be removed.

So, depending on circumstance, you either leave them in your garage or they become loose cargo on their own. Not a great feature, but at least they’re feather-light.

New for are luggage nets on the headliner deleted if you order the sunroof and the side of the cargo area. Nissan has also added metal ceiling tie-down clips in the cargo area.

Nissan Xterra feels tight, smooth, and refined, in a utilitarian sort of way. Thanks to high-tech sound insulation in places not normally insulated, the Xterra is quiet at freeway speeds.

But when you floor the throttle, the single-cam V6 gets pretty loud. Skip to Main content Skip to Footer. Remove Export Lot x. Export in CSV. Bid Information. Photos for Lot Back to Lot Details.

Back to Top Lot Details. Back to Lot Details. Highlights: Run and Drive. Engine Type: 2. Cylinders: 4. Drive: Rear-wheel drive. Fuel: GAS. Keys: YES. Notes: There are no Notes for this Lot. Bid Information Glossary. Bid Status: You Haven’t Bid. Check Why? Bid Now. Sale Information. Sale Date: Future. Your Bid Has Been Registered. Confirm Your Bid. Hire a broker Brokers can help you with the buying process. Get started. Regarding Lots NOT assigned to an auction. Technical Specifications.

Standard Equipment. Preview Location ,. Preview Hours EST. After Sale Pick up Location: ,. After Sale Pick up hours:. Increment bidding allows Copart to increase your entered bid by one and only one increment in the event your entered bid is tied by a live virtual bidder.

If your bid is the highest bid then your bid will NOT be incremented. Your current bid exceeds your available limits. If you are a Basic Member, you can upgrade to Premier Membership or increase your bid limits here. If you are a Premier Member, your daily bidding limits will reset tomorrow. To increase daily limits, contact your local Copart Location to find out more. Model Year Fuel GAS. First Registered Date. Engine Size 2. Wheel Plan Rear-wheel drive. MSRP excludes installation, taxes and other costs, and are subject to change without prior notice.

Dealer sets actual price. Pictures are for informational purposes only. Please select a dealer to view local pricing. Shop Now.

Distance: Huttig Nissan. Zip Code View More Dealers. Discount not applicable This product is not eligible for additional discounts or coupons. People Also Bought. M-Spec Trunk Lid Emblem.

Email this product. Email Address. Motorsports parts are sold “AS IS” without warranties, express or implied including all warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose , unless expressly prohibited from doing so by applicable law, in which case the warranty provided is the minimum required by law. Damage or failures caused by use of this part are also excluded from warranty coverage. Read the new vehicle limited warranty information booklet or contact your dealer or retailer for details.

The installation of a Motorsports competition part on a vehicle intended for use on public streets or highways may violate laws and regulations relating to motor vehicle safety standards or emission regulations.


Nissan Xterra XE – 4dr SUV L V6 4×4 Manual


Engine, L I-4 ; MPG, 19 City / 24 Hwy ; Seating, 5 Passengers ; Transmission, 5-spd man w/OD ; Power, @ rpm. Offered in XE and step-up SE trim levels, the Xterra is available with rear-wheel drive or part-time four-wheel drive. Four-cylinder and V-6 engines are. ft-lbs. Torque RPM. 2, Cylinders. 6. Base engine size. L. Engine type. Gas.

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